Summer Safety Tips | Love Parenting LA

Summer is here, and kids love spending time in the sunshine outdoors. While summer is associated with carefree days and freedom, it is important for parents to remember that there are some risks that accompany those beautiful days outside. As the temperatures begin to rise, you can use these strategies to keep your kids safe.

1. Stay Hydrated
The combination of high temperatures and increased physical activity make dehydration a serious threat to a child’s health. Make sure your child carries water with them as they participate in recreational activities, and encourage frequent hydration breaks. At home, serve water-filled foods such as watermelon and cucumbers along with an occasional frozen fruit bar to keep your kids cool.

2. Explore New Territory Together
Many childhood injuries occur when a kid ventures into dangerous areas outdoors. When visiting a new playground or recreational area, spend a few minutes touring the space to identify potential hazards such as broken glass. If you notice broken equipment or other hazards such as a wasp nest, then report it to the proper authorities. Additionally, check any signs that are posted to ensure your child falls within the recommended age guidelines for any play structures.

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