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Parent Solace: Common Behavioral Issues in Children

Behavioral Issues  |

Children often exhibit behavioral issues that may confound or even frustrate their parents. Take heart, parents, because a lot of these behavioral problems are overwhelmingly common, and as such there has been an overwhelming amount of research done on these issues. Much is now known about disorders that regularly afflict young children, the studies of which can help parents understand what their children are going through and how best to help them.

3 Common Disorders

Naturally there are more than three disorders causing behavioral issues in young children worldwide, but these are prominent among the many and may answer some questions you have about your child’s particular behavior.

  1. Psychosocial Disorders

This type of disorder manifests itself as negative functioning in a child physically, emotionally, or mentally. Children may show signs of anxiety, depression, aggression, psychogenic disorders, or problems at school. Many of the issues arising from psychosocial disorders may find their origins in family problems, including marital issues or neglect. Bereavement and separation can also be causes of this type of disorder. Continue reading

The Most Popular Baby Names in 2015

Popular Baby Names |

New babies are so precious, but it can be tricky trying to figure out what to name them. Do you go with a classic, traditional name? Do you honor a family member and dig through the genealogy files to find a relative whose name you admire? Do you forge your own path and choose something out of the ordinary? For babies born in 2015, the most common baby names show a strong trend of traditional names, some of which have kept their rank as among the top ten baby names for the past decade. Take a look at some of 2015’s most named names.

Girl Names

Emma has been in the top five of most popular baby girl names in the United States since 2002. This classic, simple favorite has climbed to number one in 2008 and again in 2014 and 2015. Interestingly, the name Emma was among the top ten baby girl names throughout the 1880s as well. So, though the popularity of this name may wane a bit in the decade to come, it will possibly follow the trend and be a big hit again in another hundred years or so. Olivia and Sophia continue to be popular girl names as well, holding in the top three most popular US names for more than two years in a row.

Most Popular Girl Names

  1. Emma
  2. Olivia
  3. Ava
  4. Sophia
  5. Isabella
  6. Mia
  7. Charlotte
  8. Amelia
  9. Emily
  10. Madison

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Create a Bedroom That Can Grow With Your Child

Child's Bedroom |

It is amazing how quickly children—and their interests—grow and change. As they develop, their needs and wishes for their bedrooms will change many times. The function of the room changes over time, from the sleepy baby who needs to bond with parents to the independent teen who craves a private sanctuary. With some forethought and planning, you will be able to decorate your child’s bedroom to grow with him or her without completely altering everything in the room. Most room furnishings and decorations fall into the following three categories:

It Lasts for the Long Haul

Find furniture that will grow and change with your child.  While your teen obviously can’t fold into a crib, there are cribs that transform into toddler beds, and then into full-sized headboards and footboards. Here are some other pieces that can last a long time if they are chosen carefully: Continue reading

Regular medical checkups for your child

Regular medical checkups for your child | Apurgentcare.comSchedule Your Child’s Checkups When It Is Convenient

As a parent, you want to do everything possible to keep your child happy and healthy, but sometimes life gets in the way. It does not matter if you work long hours or are a stay at home parent, your time is valuable and often filled with responsibilities that can make keeping up with all of your child’s medical appointments a challenge. If you cannot get an appointment that works with your schedule to see your child’s pediatrician, the next best thing is to bring them in to be seen at an urgent care facility.


Checkups Can Detect Underlying Health Issues

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is for you to schedule regular medical checkups for your child. Your child is still developing, and their health and growth need to be monitored. Although you may feel that your child looks and acts fine, you are not always going to be able to detect when there is an underlying heath issue. Only with the guidance and care of a qualified health professional can you fully protect your child’s health.


Urgent Care Checkups Are More Convenient

Urgent care offers parents a great deal of affordable and convenient medical services that they can use for their children. It is the perfect place to go if your child is suffering from nonlife-threatening injuries, illness, or in need of a physical, vaccination or checkup. In fact, many parents prefer to take their children to an urgent care doctor because their child can be seen and treated faster. The cost is also much more affordable than going to a hospital or an ER. Urgent care centers provide convenience and affordability to parents making it easier for them to manage their time without neglecting their children’s health.

Although you make an effort to put your child first in everything you do, do not neglect their regular checkups. When it comes to children, there is no such thing as being too safe or cautious, especially when it is about their health and overall well-being.

Budget Ideas for Mother-Daughter Summer Fun

Mother-Daughter Summer Fun | LoveParentingLA.comSummer is the ideal time for mothers and daughters to carve out quality time for one another. It can be difficult, however, to come up with an activity that is a good fit for both of you without breaking the bank. Here are a few ideas to bond with your daughter while staying within a budget.

Take a Hike

Whether you live in a mountainous region or in the flatlands, there is bound to be an area nearby where the two of you can set off on a scenic hike. Pack a lunch to enjoy at a picturesque point and let the conversation flow. Check out parks and other nature spaces to find trails compatible with your physical abilities.

Learn a New Skill

Sign up for a class together to learn a new skill set. Learn to make sushi or take a class focused on her favorite ethnic cuisine. Consider something on in the realm of adventure and sign up for rappelling or climbing instruction, which can get adrenaline flowing and allow her to witness the more daring side of mom. Bonus: Learning physical skills such as these can also increase a girl’s self-esteem and create a more positive body image. Continue reading

3 Powerful Tips to Stop Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry |

Sibling rivalry is an age old tradition that rings true in every household. When people live together there are bound to be disagreements, but the spats between siblings can rise to extreme heights at times if left unchecked. Below are three powerful tips that you may not have considered to help stop sibling rivalry.

  1. Attack the Root

Sibling rivalries stem from different situations and circumstances that cause the children to feeling a certain way. There are a few common feelings that can spark a rivalry:

  • Boredom
  • Feelings of injustice
  • Compounded resentment
  • Craving attention

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Three Steps to Easier, Healthier School Lunches

School Lunches |

Healthy food plays a big role in helping kids stay focused throughout the school day, but packing healthy lunches for your child can be challenging. The most convenient options are often not the healthiest, and healthy school lunch options often do not seem very convenient. Here are five tips to help you streamline your school lunch routine and ramp up the quality of your kids’ noontime fare.

  1. Prep Lunch Items in Advance

Set aside an hour or two at a consistent time and day each week to focus on lunch item preparation.

  • Peel, cut, and/or portion individual servings of carrot sticks, grapes, strawberries, or other fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Cut servings of cheese slices and wrap them in waxed paper.
  • Fill serving sized zip-top bags with healthy whole wheat crackers.
  • Make a loaf’s worth of sandwiches and refrigerate or freeze them.

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Three Steps to Your Child’s Bedtime Routine

Bedtime Routine | LoveParentingLA.comChildren crave structure. This may not be apparent as they run screaming through the house throwing breakfast cereal, but they do. Routine subconsciously tells a child that someone is in charge. It helps them feel grounded, secure, and safe. A bedtime routine is one of the most pivotal ways you can add structure to your child’s life. In addition to creating a sense of security in your child, it can also bring some much needed relief to you, the parent. Here are steps to creating a bedtime routine for your child. Continue reading

Stress-relief Tips for New Parents

Parenting Tips |

Welcoming a brand new baby into the world is an exciting time, but it can also be extremely trying for new parents. The lack of sleep, worry and complex emotions that are very common can create a cocktail that may result in tension and high levels of stress. It is important for parents to take a little bit of time for themselves in order to relieve that stress and enjoy the short period of time that is the newborn stage.

Get Active

For many new parents – especially moms – taking care of a baby requires nearly 24/7 attention. This often leads to neglect in the exercise department. Instead of putting off a workout, try adding one in to your day and see how it makes you feel. Many experts agree that any amount of physical activity can reduce anxiety and fatigue, leading to reduced stress as well. Continue reading

Baby Steps: Welcoming Your New Child

New Child | LoveParentingLA.comIf you are reading this article, then congratulations! There is nothing more exciting than bringing a new life into the world. Now that you are expecting a child, you are probably feeling overwhelmed to say the very least. As with anything else, preparation is the key to pregnancy and raising a baby. Here are a few tips to help you make it from pregnancy to motherhood without a hitch.


You are solely responsible for your baby’s health care while you a pregnant, so you know to eat right and to avoid risky foods and activities. But the moment that you give birth to your child, you are no longer in complete control of your child’s well being. This is why having a healthcare plan and a great doctor is so important. Whether you are on an employer’s health plan or Obamacare, there are options available to make sure that your child is well taken care of. Make sure that you elect an adequate amount of coverage for your growing family. Continue reading

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