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How to Identify Autism in Your Child

Autism | Love Parenting LA

Autism symptoms can vary significantly from one child to another, which can make it hard for parents to detect. Yet, early identification is essential for ensuring the best possible outcome. If your child is exhibiting symptoms that concern you, then here is what you need to know about identifying whether or not autism is the cause.

Know the Risk Factors

Although the true cause of autism has not been found, it is known that certain factors place children at risk for developing the disorder. These include the following:

• Advanced maternal and paternal age
• Nutritional deficiencies (particularly folic acid)
• Low birth weight
• Neonatal anemia
• Exposure to chemicals during pregnancy

It is important to note, however, that many children develop autism with no known risk factors.

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Support Is Available for Los Angeles Parents of Autistic Children

Autistic Children | LoveParentingLA.comAutism, known clinically as Autism Spectrum Disorder, is a challenging disorder to manage in children. The following are tips, perhaps reminders, when the daunting task of parenting becomes overwhelming.

  1. Get involved in a community of professionals and other parents of autistic children. For instance, the Autism Society of Los Angeles has a wide community of families and individuals who have been affected by autism. The support you receive from other parents who know and understand the small and large challenges of raising an autistic child can be deeply nourishing. The frustrations you experience might not feel as overwhelming when you are know that you are not alone in them. Also, talking with professionals at the Autism Society can provide you with information that can further your education on Autism including any recent advancements in treating this disorder.

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