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Preparing for the New School Year


New School Year | Love Parenting LA


As fall arrives, so does the beginning of a new school year. Although the start of the school year can be exciting, it can also be overwhelming and stressful, especially for kids who are starting school for the first time or starting in a new school. Whether kids are moving up a grade or starting a new school, it means meeting new teachers, facing new academic demands and entering a new social circle, so it can create anxiety for the children as well as their parents. The following tips will help make preparing for the new school year less strenuous and more exciting.  Get Familiar with the School

If your child went to the same school last year, you may only need to ask about the differences from last year. For example, does school start the same time as last year or are there any changes in the bus schedules. If your child is starting a new school, you should visit the school several times beforehand and attend the orientation or open house. A few weeks before the first day of school try to find out as much information as possible, such as:

  • What the daily schedule will be
  • What time school begins and ends
  • Is a sack lunch and snack required or are meals are provided. If purchased meals are optional, how much are they?

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A Refresher On The Need for Consistency in Parenting

Parenting | LoveParentingLA.comSometimes as parents, there might be an event or a life changing circumstance that affects the way you relate to your children. Perhaps you recently went through a divorce. Or perhaps you lost one of your children in an accident. Or it could simply be that the day to day responsibilities of home and work somehow required putting the relationships you have with your children aside temporarily.

Regardless of the reason, it’s important to return to the basics of parenting from time to time. To refresh yourself on what’s necessary and important for facilitating healthy psychological and emotional development.

First and foremost, research indicates that parents need to provide consistent care to their children. And this begins from infancy. Studies show that an infant must develop a strong bond with at least one primary caregiver in order to appropriately develop socially and emotionally. In order for this bond to become secure between infant and caregiver, the following must happen:

  • The caregiver must be responsive and sensitive in the way that he or she responds to the infant.
  • The child must be able to consistently rely on the caregiver for soothing in times of stress.
  • The caregiver must remain a constant in the child’s life from 6 months to approximately 2 years of age.

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How Parents Can Make Los Angeles Safer For Their Children

Bullying | LoveParentingLA.comWhen it comes to parenting, large cities will come with pros and cons to raising a family in one. For instance, parents will have many rich opportunities to introduce to their children the various cultures that a large city has to offer. At the same time, diversity can bring discrimination and conflict. The wide range of ethnic groups that live in large cities can become problematic for children in public schools.

Cadre (Community Assess Development Redefining Education), a small nonprofit in downtown Los Angeles, has recruited the help of parents so that conflicts and discrimination among students of various ethnicities do not get in the way of their learning. Their mission is to improve the experience of students attending school as well as relationships within the community.  Working specifically in South Los Angeles, their vision for public schools in that region involves the following for LA Parents: Continue reading

Healing the Effects of Violence on Los Angeles Children

Child Development | LoveParentingLA.comIn Los Angeles, children witness 10-20% of homicides. At least one third of American children and teens have witnessed domestic violence between their parents, and most have witnessed multiple occasions of violence.

The presence of violence among children is a growing concern, particularly with the frequency of school shootings across America. Most children and teens that witness violence will experience emotional or psychological symptoms. Those symptoms can affect a child’s ability to learn, focus, and concentrate in school. Children and teens that witness violence can be more aggressive and become violent themselves. Also, the fear associated with experiencing violence thwarts a child’s ability to explore the world and causes them to feel unsafe in following their curiosity. Continue reading

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