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Parent Solace: Common Behavioral Issues in Children

Behavioral Issues  |

Children often exhibit behavioral issues that may confound or even frustrate their parents. Take heart, parents, because a lot of these behavioral problems are overwhelmingly common, and as such there has been an overwhelming amount of research done on these issues. Much is now known about disorders that regularly afflict young children, the studies of which can help parents understand what their children are going through and how best to help them.

3 Common Disorders

Naturally there are more than three disorders causing behavioral issues in young children worldwide, but these are prominent among the many and may answer some questions you have about your child’s particular behavior.

  1. Psychosocial Disorders

This type of disorder manifests itself as negative functioning in a child physically, emotionally, or mentally. Children may show signs of anxiety, depression, aggression, psychogenic disorders, or problems at school. Many of the issues arising from psychosocial disorders may find their origins in family problems, including marital issues or neglect. Bereavement and separation can also be causes of this type of disorder. Continue reading

Grieving the Loss of Your Child in Los Angeles

Grieving | LoveParentingLA.comIf you’re a parent and you’ve lost a child to suicide or injury, you’re likely in need of support.  There’s no question that there will be a range of emotions that you’re going to go through including guilt, depression, denial, and anger. For instance, one mother living in the suburbs of Los Angeles recently lost her daughter. Her co-workers were concerned because she returned to work a week after her daughter’s funeral with the same smile and cheery personality she had prior to her daughter’s death. It was as though nothing had happened. She gave no indication that she had just experienced a major loss.

However, if you’re aware of the stages of grieving or if you’ve experienced grief yourself, you might expect this sort of reaction. For this 38-year-old mother, she was exhibiting the classic first stage of denial. The psychiatrist, Elizabeth Kubler Ross, developed the stages of grieving described below. Initially, she formulated these stages as a result of observing adults suffering from a terminal illness. Later, she found that her theory also applied to anyone who has experienced a major loss, such as a death of a loved one, loss of a job or income, divorce, drug addiction, incarceration, or other losses, even minor ones. Continue reading

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