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Stress-relief Tips for New Parents

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Welcoming a brand new baby into the world is an exciting time, but it can also be extremely trying for new parents. The lack of sleep, worry and complex emotions that are very common can create a cocktail that may result in tension and high levels of stress. It is important for parents to take a little bit of time for themselves in order to relieve that stress and enjoy the short period of time that is the newborn stage.

Get Active

For many new parents – especially moms – taking care of a baby requires nearly 24/7 attention. This often leads to neglect in the exercise department. Instead of putting off a workout, try adding one in to your day and see how it makes you feel. Many experts agree that any amount of physical activity can reduce anxiety and fatigue, leading to reduced stress as well. Continue reading

Baby Steps: Welcoming Your New Child

New Child | LoveParentingLA.comIf you are reading this article, then congratulations! There is nothing more exciting than bringing a new life into the world. Now that you are expecting a child, you are probably feeling overwhelmed to say the very least. As with anything else, preparation is the key to pregnancy and raising a baby. Here are a few tips to help you make it from pregnancy to motherhood without a hitch.


You are solely responsible for your baby’s health care while you a pregnant, so you know to eat right and to avoid risky foods and activities. But the moment that you give birth to your child, you are no longer in complete control of your child’s well being. This is why having a healthcare plan and a great doctor is so important. Whether you are on an employer’s health plan or Obamacare, there are options available to make sure that your child is well taken care of. Make sure that you elect an adequate amount of coverage for your growing family. Continue reading

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