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Los Angeles Parents: Here’s How to Curb the Use of Marijuana In Your Children

Marijuana  | LoveParentingLA.comMarijuana is a popular drug in the state of California, particularly Los Angeles. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)’s February 2014 report of drug use in Los Angeles County, marijuana was reported as “the primary drug problem” with 27.2% of drug rehab treatment admissions for marijuana addiction or dependency. Plus, more than half (59%) of drug rehab treatment admissions were for children. Furthermore, marijuana was identified in 30.8% of drug reports analyzed in laboratories. Lastly, marijuana ranked second in the list of illicit drugs reported in the poison control system.

Children younger than 12 years old are experimenting with marijuana. According to the Journal of American Medical Association, 14 children under the age of 12 ended up in the hospital after taking in the edible form of the drug between 2009 and 2011.

Despite its reputation for being a safe and harmless drug, marijuana does in fact lead to danger, as noted with the hospitalizations above, as well as addiction. In fact, regular use of marijuana can create the same destructive lifestyle that comes with any dependency. Considering marijuana to be harmless, in a sense, makes it more dangerous. A child using the drug may not be able to make the connection between some of its ill effects on school, home life, and peer interactions. He or she might be looking for a quick high, a release of stress, but the effects of the drug have proven to lead to an addiction. Continue reading

How to Lighten Family Stress When It’s High

Sometimes, families feel the stress of everyday life building and building. Parents, you’re working a lot; you’re trying to find the time to spend with your children and spouse. Children and teens, you’ve got responsibilities too and at the same time you might be feeling your needs for attention, love, and care from your parents. When emotional needs are being met and when the demands of everyday life are weighing on the family mood, it might be necessary to take a break from everything. It could be time to lighten the family stress and try out the following suggestions. Continue reading

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